segunda-feira, 9 de julho de 2007

Ornette Coleman/Pat Metheny

Song X [1985](Twentieth Anniversary)
Ornette Coleman - alto sax, violin
Pat Metheny - guitar, guitar synth
Charlie Haden - bass
Jack Dejohnette - drums
Denardo Coleman - drums, percussion

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Anônimo disse...

Great post! Free Jazz!

Anônimo disse...

What a pitty. It would be a great post, undoubtly, if I could down the 2nd part. Please, use instead Lix or other one except that Massmirror.



caldanitbrad disse...

Great recording by Jack. The dual guitars do not compete as one might anticipate. In fact, one does not notice the duplication of instrumentation in that the players serve the songs rather than the opposite. I could do without the vocals, but overall a great outing.

Thanks for the exposure.

Anônimo disse...

Muy bueno!