segunda-feira, 18 de fevereiro de 2008

The Modern Jazz Quartet

Concorde [1955]

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Anônimo disse...

1955, good year, hey, im happy to see you back again posting so good albums, i takes a lot of heart to give an albyum for free to people that you dont even know, but some of thee people (I0m talking of me) really apresiate it.

Thankyou very much caffenia.

Anônimo disse...

Kaffenia, Hi, my name is Lizzy, i was wondering why you post this albums whit so low Kb/ps, i meen, knowing how good are your albums, i think that you shudent post it always to 320kb, but these are your post, so do what you want.

but if it is a really good album, post it to 320, no matter is i got to download it in two parts.

i love you. keep fuking!!!!

Kafeina disse...

Hi, folks. Thanks for commentss. I prefer to post albums in 320. But that Modern Jazz Quartet I don't have on CD, so in 192.

Anônimo disse...

Hi, it's me again, Lizzy, i see why you set the albums to 190, ¿So, it come fron de Vynil? That's good, exiting.

Sonico disse...

muchisimas gracias por tan buenos disco ;)

Frank disse...

thanks a lot