domingo, 22 de abril de 2007

Ed Blackwell

Ed Blackwell Trio
Walls-Bridges [1992]

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Kafeina disse...

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sirako disse...

o rait!
se puede bajar cada parte por separado de diferentes hosts? la uno de magaupload y la 2 de rapidcher? por ejemplo?

Slidewell disse...

Sweet! Ed Blackwell's playing is so unique. He swings like crazy, but he puts his own flavors in there.

Thanks for the post!

sirako disse...


muito obrigado!

cvllos disse...

Ed Blackwell pode ser apreciado naqueles 2 cds do Erick Dolphy + Booker Little e Mal Waldron (ufa, que trio!) no Five Spot.
Ou em video do Mal Waldrom, Woody Shaw e Charlie Rouse, no Village. Ele dá um colorido especial, sem apelar para barulho, acentuando o ritmo com as baquetas flutuando entre os tambores.

Anônimo disse...

While this is fantastic music, what we have here is an earlier version that was mastered at the wrong speed. As a result, the music is way too fast (nearly a whole step higher than intended). The Black Saint label solved this problem by issuing a 2cd set with all the music at the right speed, adding the track "Dewey Square." How do you know which issue you've got? The speedy version of Half Nelson is only 19:08 long, while the corrected version is 20:55. Quite a difference!