quarta-feira, 9 de maio de 2007

Billy Harper

Billy Harper Quintet in Europe [1979]

Billy Harper - Tenor Saxophone
Fred Hersch - Piano
Everett Hollins -Trumpet
Louis "Mbiki" Spears - Bass
Horacee Arnold - Drums

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Kafeina disse...

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H&H disse...

Hello Kafeina ; I'm curious about this album. Thank you for all !
Do you know my blog ?


Kafeina disse...

Thank you, h&h! Your blog is very nice!

H&H disse...

Wow, I'm now listening to the album. Some intense blowing by Harper, and a brilliant ensemble sound. Everett Hollins has strong moments on the final "Illumination". Listening to it reminds me of an album on Steeplechase label (Destiny is yours) which I did not hear for a while.
Thanks for this, and for the compliment on H&H ; feel free to link it if you want, and I would be happy to link to YestoJazz if you don't mind.


H&H disse...

P.S : Billy Harper's compositions are really different. He has his own recognizable style. I like the way the "Illumination" coda is progressively built, gently finished.

Bill Barton disse...

Many thanks for this one. Harper is a master and deserves way more recognition than he's received.

el goog disse...

Hello kafeina

I love this one and I add your post to mine.
"Billy Harper Quintet - Love On Sudan [1977]"

Please tell me if there is a problem.

Keep it up!
el goog

taro nombei disse...

great stuff, great blog, keep up the great work!!
all best from over here...