domingo, 20 de maio de 2007

George Adams - Don Pullen Quartet

Live at The Village Vanguard [1994]

George Adams - tenor sax
Don Pullen - piano
Cameron Brown - bass
Dennie Richmond - drums

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Kafeina disse...

report broken links to

Kafeina disse...

report broken links to

Itamar disse...

Seleção continua 10.
Bacana mesmo, virei fregues.

Michael disse...

Excellent! Thank you. I hope we can look forward to vol. 2

Anônimo disse...

One of the most dangerous live jazz bands of the 80's, HANDS DOWN. A true wonder. Miss these guys dearly, esp. Pullen. Don't know why Dannie did want his name up there...? Anyways, this is killer folks, don't miss!

红色的小喇叭 disse...

Hi,seems it's a two-volume set instead of just one disk, right?