sexta-feira, 18 de maio de 2007

Kenny Burrel & Jimmy Raney

Two Guitars [1957]

Kenny Burrell - guitar
Jimmy Raney - guitar
Art Taylor - drums
Mal Waldron - piano
Doug Watkins - bass
Donald Byrd - trumpet

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rafastarix disse...

yeaaaaahhh!!! guitar jazzzzzz!!

Lieven disse...

Just keep bringing on the good stuff, Kafeina! You have a great taste in music, and I learn from you every day!

Kafeina disse...

Thank you very much, Lieven!

Neo disse...

Kafeina, you are a doing a great job here. I'm really amazed! Congratulations! And THANK YOU!

I see some words in Portuguese here and there. Você é brasileiro/a?

neovox disse...


I just want to say that you're doing a great job. Congrats and THANK YOU!

Are you Brazilian?

Kafeina disse...

Thank you, Neo!
I´m brasilian (Eu sou brasileiro) :)

makuma disse...

Oi Yesto Jazz.. I'm Portuguese but let's speak in English so anyoune can follow.. I'm looking for more of Art Taylor's works..

Also a few years ago I lost an album by brasilian jazz guitar Freddie Bryant - Brazillian Rosewood, I think edited by the spanish label Fresh Sound New Talent.

Any chance for any of this?

Congrats for the excellent blog :)


Jovana disse...

I'm a regular visitor, and i like your blog very much!